Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lateness for Nothing

I get so upset easily it is irritating and nauseating at how mad I get. I go from zero to livid in .2 seconds. I absolutely dislike that about myself. I mean, I don’t get stupid and start hitting and kicking stuff, but I do yell. I am upset every morning because of lateness. However, my anger fades once I hit the gym. Then, the next day it all starts over again. Nothing changes. The reason for the lateness does not change. I mean, we know why we are late, but we are still late. Yeah, I’m that person in your office that is late all the time. Not purposely meaning to be late, but is always late. I wake up 10 min earlier the next day to prevent it, but something always happens and we are late again. It is damn frustrating! It makes me want to yell, “Get your shit together,” while looking at myself in the mirror. Ugh.

That one ‘friend’ I spoke of in my earlier entries. She is still around and she still is a sucky person. The last time I said I was going to drop her and move on, well, it didn’t happen. I continued to talk to her hoping she would not hurt me again, but I was wrong. She stood me up one day and never apologized. I called her, no answer, and no returned calls. I emailed her a few times, but no response. Then, about two weeks later, she sends me a text message and says, “Not ignoring you been sick. Throwing a bday party for (her husband) you guys are invited.” Umm… been sick? Not ignoring me? Are you a fucking moron? Yeah, you are. She had all the time in the world to get on MySpace and post pictures, fill out surveys, and do other things, but no phone call. I seriously think she has issues. I realized that this woman was not going to change. I dropped her that time for sure. I had enough of her. I politely replied and said, “No can’t go, but thank you.” Since then, I have not spoken to her. That happened back in November, so it has been a while. I am so happy to have her out of my life. She is still stupid and is still into her dumbness.

Moving on.

It seems as though that I am changing. I am not sure as to why or if it is a good thing or not. I am just not into the same things anymore. The things that I used to think were hilarious are not funny anymore. My priorities changed to improved things. I no longer hang out with the youngens anymore. I guess one could say that I am growing up. I suppose it is a good thing. People my age though would differ.

Okay, well I suppose that is all for today.

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